Dyslexia Awareness Week – Did I miss that?

Despite being a national event every year Dyslexia Awareness Week  (3oth October -4th November) seemed to pass unoticed by many people.

Despite doing our bit for the  cause-I spent a good Sunday on Stourbridge Radio with Dr. Paul, both of us entering into the spirit of the British Dyslexia Association’s ‘Dress up for Dyslexia’  campaign, (the silver -sequinned for me  and Paul managed a feather boa!) From the general reaction all week  it seemed that only the converted to the cause were aware of this event.Then I suppose this is always the case when trying to spread the word.The DDA defines  Dyslexia  as a ‘hidden disability’  and it will remain so in more than one sense unless more   high profile people like Kara Tointon and Henry Winkler take up the cause, it is  simply left to the local worthy associations to reach out.Local  DA associations, please get in touch with me if you want to speak  at my business club or organise an event.

Our own local entrepeneur Louis Barnett continues to help and mentor dyslexic   people  through a mentoring scheme.


At LTS we are  starting a new multi-sensory  touch-type skills computer   programme based on the Hornsby appraoch.

Take a look at the Dyslexia Action  website’s noticeboard on www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk  A new user friendly posting site  and send in your comments or suggestions  on Dyslexia Awareness Week.