Dyslexia in Dudley.Learning Solutions chat to Stourbridge Radio

A very pleasant two hours  was spent at the Bridge Radio  on Sunday 12th April-  an excellent  local commercial radio station near Dudley .Our theme was Learning to Read and Spell  Through Music.Our D.J. and show host Dr.Paul just happened to have a PHD in Psychology!  -how lucky is that and so asked us really relevant questions,and the whole show breezed along very quickly.

Paul asked me where I see remediation for Dyslexia developing and I do feel that we at LTS  are ahead f the game in that we want  to embrace a more whole  person or holistic approach .This  could include not just and numeracy support, but allowing the student/client to understand how they learn,to build confidence levels and show them through kinesiology or hypnotherapy how to lesson the effort on the central nervous system.

Dyslexic people know all too well how stressful it is just to decode and process verbal information .All their concentration goes to this aspect leaving no room for other brain areas to get a sense of what is being said/read.Certainly kinesiology plays a part in detecting stress on the nervous system and is a very useful guide when a client uses coloured overlays.We have geat success with visual Dyslexia testing because it can be immediately relieved with colour.

We talked  about diet and the EFAs Omega 3 6 9 ,about related conditions and our range of testing facilities from four years upwards,our methods,our mind mapping ,and nmemonic strategies.


Paul asked about music and Dyslexia and the latest evidence about rhythm  most of which   which you can see  on the BDA and Mozart blog above.We’ve know for a while that neuron learning is the way forward and  to this effect we will be  devising a course for learners, teachers /individuals about this. Keep reading the blog page for details or register your interest via email  info@ltslearning.co.uk

People popped in and out  of the studio and all seemed  fascinated by the subject,volunteering their own stories -This a such a typical response it led us to  thinking about  compiling some of them.If you have a story about Dyslexia -perhaps you are in business or a music teacher or even an inventor-(we know all about right brain activity and how important it is that Dyslexics recognise this), do get in touch.