Eleven plus exam coaching for year 5/6 students-change of dates

If your child is in years 5/6, now is the time to think about their next school.If the choice of nominated local schools does not appeal, then consider the eleven plus entrance exam option for grant maintained / fee paying Grammar schools.Some schold have brouyght forward their exam dates to September 2012 so do not delay .

Even if  abilities are satisfactory your child will still benefit from our  advice,  subject/s coaching and preparation for  entrance examination.Schools vary in their styles of questions,some having  multiple choice approach.As a holistic centre we look at the whole child, so mentoring and techniques for pre exam nerves forms part of our remit.

We coach in all areas of performance skills, maths, English,Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning  skills to which most schools apply.

Why not contact us during NOW to be  sure of your place.A quick profiling assessment will tell us your child’s levels and a bespoke programme  including feedback, continuous pre exam  assessment, papers and techniques can then  be devised.A monthly fee is paid up to the examination dates.

Call now on 01902 334528  or email     info@ltslearning.co.uk