Kinesiology helping children to concentrate better

Kinesiology is  an effective method  to test the body’s reactions to stress

be it  a food intolerance,an emotional problem, environmental pollution such as electricity mobile phone usage, television (EMR), learning difficulties associated with autism spectrum (kinaesthetic difficulties such as touch),or  noise pollution.

Kinesiology can test for concentration levels in children, their attention span and once tested dietary  requirements  to help with these can also be recommended..

Diet plays a crucial part in a child’s cognitive development. A diet rich in omega oils 3,6,9 from oily fish, flax seeds, together with good sources of protein such as in cheeses, beans pulses and curds such as soya will offset the cravings for processed food.

Improvements in school work are well researched and we can now  offer our clients  this testing service. Following a kinesiology test, recommendations including diet and our special multi sensory programme called The listening Programme (see separate blog info), which has amazing results on behaviour and academic studies, can be added.