The characteristics of Successful Dyslexic Adults

In a research report by the BDA ( taken from Self Fulfilment with Dyslexia 2017 by Margaret Malpass BDA  ),  it was found from the respondents questioned that the skill of ‘ seeing the whole Picture’ was a key characteristic of success in their workplace careers.Determination was another key component, but the most interesting response was atypical problem solving.

listed  below are the 10 main characteristics which M Malpass concluded from her research-

determination, self esteem,passion,finding your niche, atypical problem solving creativity,empathy,verbal influencing coping strategies and support 

so , seeing the whole picture is often indicative of personality type and learner, but it is a key trait in dyslexics, with their ability to visualise ( right brain fluid thinking ) and one which a dyslexic specialist

would notice, both in the workplace and education  and hopefully develop with their students.. It is a such a useful skill in interpreting new ideas, markets and changes which leads people to respond faster.

I shall be reviewing the following book soon:
The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics and the Jobs they Do by K.Power and I.Forsyth.