The end of a simile-As useful as a chocolate teapot

Is this the end for the chocolate teapot that has no use?

A dearly loved phrase or idiom that conjures up the perfect analogy – used correctly it gives a wonderful visual picture  of a melting teapot!

More importantly for dyslexics it gives the right brain visual cortex time to process the phrase through its association with the visual imagery.

Now a company has come up with a real chocolate teapot that can take hot water to make  a hot chocolate or fondue. The life size pot is handmade from 58 percent dark chocolate and can actually ( they quote) be broken up and eaten afterwards. Says a spokesman:

“It’s more useful than an ashtray on a motorbike,a waterproof teabag, or a glass hammer”(ref: Daily Express)

We think more of these visual imagery analogies could be used as a teaching aid. They  are both useful and entertaining and students could design or draw the images they conjure as well as integrate them into conversation or written work.