Q. How many sessions will my child require?

A. Based on the assessment, students have a personalised structured, programme. New learning is built on previous to ensure confidence and success from day one. The targets for the ILP are set for one term and this is reviewed and monitored after that first term.

The learning process is not automatic and can be very individual. On average, our students attend between one to two years. To ensure a measurable result your child will need a minimum of one term  contract (15-20 sessions) .

“We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” Stevie wonder

The Individual Learning Programme
Each lesson is designed to suit the needs of the individual child. Built in assessments form part of the programme.

Students are able to access a wide variety of resources and as programmes are bespoke, we design many of these. A contribution of £5.00 per term towards materials/overheads is added to the fee.

Students are rewarded with Merit Awards and the popular Star of the week certificate

Q. How can I check on my child’s progress?

A. Progress is supported online. Students, parents can request updates on progress, at any time. The first update is usually after 4 weeks.

Q. How can I prepare my child for Entrance exams?

A. A supportive home environment is important as children should begin preparation with a specialised 11 plus foundation programme ideally at least 9-12 months before their examination date.

Local Grammar Schools are currently oversubscribed and most candidates hoping for entry will need extra assistance in order to be selected. The criteria are extremely high. LTS are well acquainted with the school selection process and will provide you with advice and support for your child’s next stage of education. Ideally your child will need to achieve levels 5/6 in Maths and English prior to the exam and be proficient and well practised in Verbal and Non–verbal reasoning.

Q. What if I need to cancel tuition or cannot attend a lesson

A. Tuition can be cancelled only on receipt of one month’s notice in writing
The running of our centre means that fees can not be refunded. For missed lessons a home assignment will be given.

Q. Where is a Learning Solutions Learning Centre?

A. Learning takes place in the Learning Solutions Centre, just off the A449 conveniently placed on a bus route one mile west of Wolverhampton, with available parking directly at the rear of the premises, or at one of our other learning locations in Bridgnorth, Bromsgrove, Dudley, Kidderminster,  Stourbridge, Telford and Wombourne.
Other areas are available on request and we can visit you at your home or your place of work.