ADD and the Listening Programme

LTS Learning is now an accredited provider of ‘The Listening Program ‘ The Listening Program is a music based Auditory stimulation method specially designed to train the brain to improve the auditory and sensory processing skills needed to function effectively . It is most beneficial to

listening program 001

those with poor concentration and ADD as it works to calm down the areas of the brain that control works with sound frequencies and techniques  using classically based music and special bone conduction headphones that stimulate the auditory pathways to the brain

In fact anyone in the following groups can benefit from the Listening Program

Learning:attention study skills, higher study, performance skills

Communication language speech processing information literacy

intervention:theraputic,rehabititation, sensory needs such as motor coordination. The  programme can easily be carried out at home usually in two x 15 minute cycles allowing the parent or student to fit it around their daily routine.  Your LP provider will monitor your  progress over 3-6 months and provide adjustments where necessary. The benefits of this amazing programme  cannot be over emphasised. Call us now to discuss without obligation how your life or your child’s welfare can be improved by THE LISTENING PROGRAM.