We Don’t Doodle We Noodle !

A great title !

Max one of our students who is autistic was entered  by us into this year’s BBC 500 word competition.We think this is a superb piece ,with clever assonance and alliteration thrown in bucketfuls.
Here is an extract:


Max’s entry

Mr. Ning Yang owned a restaurant called Yummy Yang’s. It was a very posh restaurant, in downtown Birmingham, serving all kinds of different noodles. Chinese New Year was approaching, this year was the year of the Goat. Mr Ning Yang wanted to order a new kind of noodle for Chinese New Year. Mr Ning Yang set to work. He ordered the noodles from his supplier called We don’t doodle, we noodle. Mr Ning Yang was excited. He danced around his wok stirring noodles and sang in the style of Tina Turner I am simply the best noodler, better than all the rest! Wok to Wong restaurant next door would be so so jealous of Yummy Yang restaurants noodles. Ning could see Yummy Yang restaurant becoming world famous, opening restaurants in Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India everywhere. He would have his own television show called Masternoodles. Awesome..
Mr Wong from Wok to Wong restaurant heard Mr Ning Yang ordering the noodles. The owner, Mr Wong was worried that Yummy Yang’s would take all their business and they would have no customers. Mr Wong had an idea! He secretly telephoned the supplier and pretended to be Mr Ning Yang and changed the order from noodles to poodles. The supplier, We don’t doodle, we noodle delivered Mr Ning Yang’s order to the restaurant at 2.30pm on the eve of Chinese New Year. Preparations were under way for Chinese New Year, decorating were being hung up, fortune cookies being baked and the artists practicing their Chinese Dragon dance routine. Mr. Ning Yang signed for the order and said ‘Gong Hey Fat Choy’ and gave him a fortune cookie to the driver. The driver thanked Mr Ning Yang and said ‘that’s a noisy order you have’. Mr Ning Yang frowned, did he say noisy? Mr Ning Yang thought the driver was loosing his noodles. Mr Ning Yang opened the large brown cupboard box containing the ingredients. When he opened the box, he was shocked to see a litter of poodles! No my goodness me; why did we don’t doodle, we noodle, deliver me poodle. Mr, Ning Yang telephoned we don’t doodle, we noodle and asked them why they delivered him poodles. The lady said Mr Ning Yang you cancelled noodles, you ordered poodles and we delivered poodles. Aha thought Mr Ning Yang I bet Mr Wong from Wok to Wong is behind this. Mr Wong is always going the wrong thing. Last year he changed Mr Ning Yang’s order of soup to spaghetti hoops. This was the last time Mr Wong would do this. Mr Ning Yang put on the coat and walked across the road to Wok to Wong. Mr Ning Yang said why did you change my order to poodles, now I can’t make noodles. Mr Wong said sorry I was wrong and promised never to do the wrong thing again. The moral of the story is never doodle if you want a noodle because you might get a poodle – Use your noodle!